Integrated Transport Planning

Welcome to Integrated Transport Planning (ITP) Branch

The Mandate of the ITP Branch:

  • Manage and facilitate national transport planning, related policies and strategies
  • coordinate regional as well as inter-sphere relations including providing economic modelling and analysis of the sector

The ITP Branch mandate is executed through the following five Chief Directorates and their objectives.

  • Macro Sector Planning
    To ensure a long term, sustainable and integrated multimodal transport systems planning to guide investments across all spheres of Government
  • Research and Innovation
    To conduct research and monitoring of the transport sector for innovation and sustainability
  • Modelling and Economic Analysis
    To enhance funding, economic performance and transformation of the transport sector
  • Regional Integration
    To coordinate the development and implementation of regional transport strategies in order to facilitate regional integration
  • Freight Logistics
    To ensure integrated and seamless movement of cargo across supply chains for all modes of transport towards reducing the cost of doing business