Transport Budget

The National Department of Transport has set aside fifty six point three billion rand (R56,63 billion) in the year 2016/17 for transport programmes and initiative. This is 4.5% increase in real terms compare to the 2015/16 financial year. The government has made an unprecedented commitment to high levels of funding over the next MTEF period with the budget expected to increase to R59,3 billion or 11% by 2017/18

The breakdown of the budget is as follows:

  • Road transport at twenty four points five billion (R24,5 billion)
  • Rail transport at nineteen billion (R19 billion)
  • Public transport at eleven point seven billion (R11.7)
  • Civil Aviation at two hundred and fifty nine million rand (R259 million) and
  • Maritime transport at one hundred and twenty two million rand (R122 million)

The Department of Transport is composed of six Branches:

  • Aviation Transport
  • Integrated Transport Planning (ITP)
  • Maritime Transport
  • Public Transport
  • Rail Transport
  • Roads Transport