COTO Standard Specification

The new COTO Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Works for South African Road Authorities was approved by the Committee of Transport Officials (COTO) on 18 August 2020 as a Draft Standard (DS) and will be replacing the COLTO Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Works for State Road Authorities (1998 Edition).

Existing contracts and tenders in the design phases based on the COLTO Standard Specifications (1998 Edition) will remain unaffected but will be phased out during the next 6 months and the COTO Standard Specifications (2020 Edition) will be mandatory for use in procurement documents advertised as from 1 March 2021.

The Draft Standard (DS) will be implemented in industry for a period of two (2) years during which written comments may be submitted to the COTO subcommittee. Draft Standards (DS) have full legal standing. Comments should be provided in writing on the Excel spreadsheet provided with the Chapters and emailed to


The August 2020 versions of each COTO Chapter have been replaced with October 2020 versions due to discrepancies that were identified in various Chapters.

The August 2020 versions will no longer be applicable or valid.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

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